Happy Holiday week fam! Are you excited? Are you ready? This time of year there are always so many fun activities, responsibilities, projects, events because its more than just a Holi-“day” its a whole season of merry making!

 I know for me it all adds up very fast and can easily get overwhelming if I try to get all the things done in such a short amount of time. While so many of these opportunities are good and can benefit myself and others the goal this year is:

Less is More. 

To cut back on doing “all the things” just because “it’s what we do” and really focus on what I can do well. Because I would rather be all in on just a few things that are important instead of trying to rush around doing everything. So this week and the month ahead instead of focusing on more, more, more im actually looking for ways to do more by doing less that is intentional. If im hosting do I really need to wash the wall? Or can I spend time with my family and guests to make them feel welcome? If I share a promotion at work do I need to start a whole new line of work? Or make sure I have a few timeless products that will serve my clients for years to come? 


This is something im still working on so I hope its helpful for you too. Lets leave with this reminder. 

Family and friends would rather see: YOU more than a spotless house. No one will starve if there aren’t all the usual side dishes because you choose to spend only part of the day in alone in the kitchen and enjoy the rest of the day with your people. Or instead of spending hours laying out a 12 step craft trade it in for a great conversation coloring. 

Wherever you are this week: Be all in. You and your people this year and years to come will be glad you did!