Are you excited for Christmas? I feel like a kid this time of year with the lights, occasional snow, yummy treats and gifts! The one thing I get stressed out about every year is shopping for my person. Not because I don’t want to give him gifts… But I put so much pressure on making sure his gifts are perfect! Usually end up roaming around the store aimlessly waiting for the perfect gift to throw itself off the shelf at me. Does that sounds familiar? Or maybe this is your first year shopping for your person and you don’t know where to start? I thought id share with you a few tips I’ve picked up over the years. 

  1. Find something personal. A personal gift: could be a reminder of a favorite memory, something from a favorite trip together, an inside joke...
  2. Try something new. Gift giving is the perfect excuse to try something new with your person. This could be a show, a way to cook, or a style of clothes.
  3. Listen. Often times my person doesn’t even know he has left me clues all year long for something he is interested in but wouldn’t buy for himself. This is a great time for surprises!
  4. Take a friend. This is my go to! In fact every year I’ve gone Christmas shopping I take a trouper of a girlfriend along with me. She always encourages me when I’m overwhelmed and tells me when I’ve had a great idea! (You know who you are! Thanks girl ;)
  5. A few of their favorite things. Have you ever considered a bunch of little gifts as one big one? A favorite drink, snack, or other little trinkets they love but save as a treat. These are often the funnest gifts!
  6. Something funny. Bonus Tip! If you and your person have a sense of humor like me and mine... This is a great time for joke, or something to make them laugh!

So before you stress out in the aisles of the store like I do… Remember it really is the thought that counts! Merry Christmas friends! And happy gift giving!