Yay to water!

I used to be good at drinking water. Back in the day I always had a water bottle on me so that I would always have some with me. But in more recent years things like working from home and having littles I started to loose track of what I was taking in. At the end of both my pregnancies my blood pressure started to raise and stay that way after. One of the leading causes for this (if its not connected to more serious medical reasons) is dehydration. Slowly but surely I’m trying to get back to having better water habits.

The amount I grew up hearing was the goal is 8 eight ounce glasses a day. Or in more recent years half of your body weight in ounces of water. There are apps to track this. Or goals to set like how many cups to drink before breakfast or even lunchtime... Another way is finding a reason that will remind you to drink more water. Today I want to share my 10 favorite benefits of drinking water. 

-Energy! This is something I can always use more of. What about you? Water activates your metabolism which helps increase you energy for up to an hour after drinking it. Right around 16oz will do this cool trick!

-Weight Loss & Nutrition Absorption. Speaking as someone who still has baby pounds and added quarantine inches... this is a welcomed benefit! Water boosts your metabolism again to help your body flush the unhealthy and absorb the good!

-Builds Immunity. Living through a pandemic I am all on board for this. Drinking water helps keep your organs hydrated and working at their best for both every day use and fighting off illness.

-Focus. Staying hydrated affects your brain. To stay focused, more alert and even improve your memory go drink some water!

-Good Mood Boosting. Another aspect of your brain affected by water is the mood side. Good vibes need good glasses of water! Go get you some!

-Pretty Skin. Did you know water helps raise your collagen levels? I just learned this today! Collagen helps keep your skin bright and clear. While drinking more water isn’t the only way to clear up your complexion it is a very important step in the process. 

-Saliva. Dry mouth? Try some water! Water is the main component of your saliva. Saliva is important for both keeping your mouth from feeling dry. It is also needed for eating, drinking and being merry! 

-Regulate Body Temperature. If it’s hot outside (a good thing to remember this summer or even working out) try some water! It will help to keep you cool and replenish Your fluids when you sweat.

-Happy Kidneys. Water is the best way to flush your kidneys and keep you from getting kidney stones. As a kid I got to see my grandmas kidney stones that she kept in a jar for over 50 years. They were like a strange family relic and the number one reminder that I never want to have one!

-Joint Joy. Help yourself keep moving with ease by drinking some more water. Water is key in keeping your joints and tissue even your spinal cord from turning into the rusty old tin man from Wizard of Oz and working like the well oiled machine I know you can be! 

-Drinking Buddies! You read that right! Want to drink some more water? Can we be drinking buddies? Because I need it to. ;)