Dixon Il, Wedding Photography
Dixon Il, Photography

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*How do I book?

Are you ready to preserve your memories? Please leave me a message bellow with all of your ideas and information. OR call and talk to Emily at 815-284-3211.

* Do you have a date or a location in mind?

The more details I know the easier we can create something beautiful together.
(To book your session a 25% retainer is required.)

* When your date is booked:

I highly suggest meet and share some coffee and treats while we discuss your creative ideas and any other questions you may have.

* On picture day let's have fun!

If flowers show up in the wrong color, or your two year old just wants to run around, I go with the flow. No sense in stress.

* After your session:

Expect a sneak peek of my favorite photos from your day shared on social media. (Because who wants to wait until the whole gallery is ready? :)

*When will I get my Images?

3-4 weeks after your session your personalized web gallery will arrive with a PIN to download all of your images.

*What about Prints?

-With your gallery you will receive copyright release to all of your images.

-If you are in need of prints or an album and don't want the handle the logistics on your own please ask me for help! I have an amazing lab and would be happy to have all of those services handled for you!

*Response Time:

~Your message is very important to me. My usual response times within 24 hours after receiving your message.

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Dixon Il, Wedding Photography