Happy Thanksgiving friends! I am so thankful for each and every one of you who has shared this year with me! 

One extra special thing im thankful for this year is the gift of the pictures that wouldn’t usually make it to the portfolio. As an artist its taken me a while to learn just how important some of these images can be. What might not look like a masterpiece of talent and skill to me may mean the world to someone else. 

This year some very dear family and friends have lost loved ones. While I may never be able to heal that loss for them these pictures have shown up just where they were needed. Whether in a holiday shoot or an extra shot grabbed at the end of a wedding reception that turned into this family’s last picture together. I will forever be grateful for this gift of photography and will never take it lightly.

Friend my reminder for you today: Take Pictures with your loved ones today! Take the nice poses, the silly faces and even the ones after mashed potatoes has fallen on someones shirt. You never know how much these shots might mean to you some day!