It makes me so happy that the beginning of the holiday season has turned into Shop Small Weekend! 

 Shopping small is so much more than just a cute catch phrase. When we work together and shop small it is a way to give back to our community and small business families. Your purchases no matter how large or small are often put right back into our local community. Your purchases will not only be gifts for your family but also the funds to fill stockings of the kids down the street or they may be used it to help a charity both you and your local shop owner think highly of. 

To shop small you don’t have to go out and spend your whole budget throughout the community. But those consistent weekly or extra holiday purchases sure go a long way! 

I’ve been so blessed to be a part of the Dixon IL area for most of my life! This downtown in recent years has flourished with small businesses! So it should be a fun Shop Small Weekend ahead! 

These are a few of my family’s favorite local shops! I’ve added some general price ranges for gifts or appropriate gift certificates to give you an idea before you’re out shopping but prices in store may slightly vary. 

Regardless of what you invest this year… know it is not only for you and your family but a local business family is blessed this year as well!