Working and mommin from home has been one of the highlights of my life! But staying in durning the winter months when we cant go and do as much can get a little monotonous. To keep from having my days rung together I've worked on a few grounding habits that are specific to each day. From chores and projects to fun things. Do you have a system for keeping your days straight?

One of the simple ways I’m working on keeping my days straight is by podcasts. Still a podcast newbie over here so its only been in the past couple months that I realized new episodes dropped certain days of the week. Thankfully for me this discovery has been a great way to keep my schedule straight. Here are my daily go tos:

Mondays: Goal Digger Podcast (business- drops Monday & Wednesday)

Tuesdays: Worth Every Penny (photography- Tuesday drop)

Wednesday: About Progress (lifestyle- drops on Wednesdays and sometimes there is a bonus on Fridays)

Thursday: The Dream Makers podcast (work, motherhood & religious- this one drops throughout the week but I usually listen on Thursdays)

Friday: Vibrant Happy Women (lifestyle- drops on Fridays)

Saturday: The Kristy Wright Show (lifestyle - this one drops Tuesday but its on Saturdays that I get around to it)

A few bonus episodes if I get the time to listen:

Routine & Things (about routines ;)

The Mindset Mentor (taking control of your thoughts)

Science Vs (all things science)

Stuff You Missed in History Class (any idea what this is about :)

Bokeh- The Photography Podcast (you guessed what this one is about ;)

There you go! Have you heard any of these? Are there any amazing podcasts I should add to my que?