Happy Monday mommie!

Have you ever stopped to think of what kind of mommie you are? Very often we see other mommies out their doing their thing and they do it so well we forget to see our own genius right in front of us. 

There are mommies that throw great parties. Mommies who buy the best gifts, and not just for their own kids they know the right one for every birthday party, holiday, etc! There are mommies that know the funnest parks to go visit. Mommies who know just how to make their kids look photogenic in pictures (whether or not they really are). But what kind of mommie are you? Do you make the best snacks? Have the cleanest house? Plan the perfect craft days? Or throw the funnest spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen? 

In my opinion every mommie out there has the perfect set of skills for their own kiddos. You may have to grow in these skills but growth is part one of the most important and exciting parts of life!

 Today I want to talk about you and what you’re good at or maybe want to be great at. Because here is the best part: You don’t have to be all of the things! If you want to be the best mommie at crafts that might mean you don’t have the cleanest house. You may know how to throw the funnest dance parties in the kitchen but snack time looks prepackaged. That is ok! 

The idea I had with this theme in mind is: a band. You as a mom has an awesome set of skills! If motherhood was more like a band lets pretend you play piano. But if all of your mom friends started playing the exact same song on piano to be just like you well that would be pretty boring (and really loud). We each have different kids. Each of those kids need different kinds of love and specialties. Some moms will “play piano” but we also need moms to play drums, bass or even sing vocals. 

Next time you see another mom rocking out in her way compliment her! If there is something you can learn to add to your set of mom skills go for it. But remember you are an amazing mom in your own way! Your kids are BLESSED to have YOU!

Today’s photo prompt: What Kind of Mommie are you?