Happy Anniversary to my best friend and husband Nathan!

6 years ago we said I do on the coldest day of the year surrounded by our immediate family and just a couple close friends.

Little did either of us know nearly 20 years ago when we first awkwardly met and could hardly say a word to each other what the future would hold. Our family’s were always good friends but the two of us never had the chance to get very close. We would share quick conversations and always lend a helping hand to each other if needed. But it wasn’t until 7 years ago when his sister was my roommate that we really got to know each other well. We were both growing through stuff and tended to look out for each other during it.

Over the course of that year we shared all the conversations. From daily check ins to laughing to the point of crying all the way to some serious life questions. By the time Nathan asked if I was ready to take our relationship to the next level and date I said no. This friendship we worked so hard to build I was not ready to loose. That only lasted 24 hours. Because I couldn’t sleep or get it out of my head that this was something important. So we took the leap and became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Very quickly we realized this was the real thing. I think about 2 weeks in we knew we would get married and started planning. While we didn’t date long we sure squeezed a lot into the time. Weddings, director and lead in a play, cars shows, photoshoot, playing music together, picnics, movies, dancing, concerts, bonfires… when he asked me that Christmas if I had any favorite ring styles it didn’t catch me off guard at all and we had fun looking together.

While the day he asked me to marry him was not what either of us had in mind… it could not have been more perfect! A foggy day in our small town, antiquing and him down on one knee asking if we could spend the rest of our lives together. I tried to say yes… but all that came out was: EEEEEEEEEEE!

We didn’t need a long engagement because neither of us wanted a lot of fuss or frill for our day. So when I found out Valentines Day landed on a Saturday that year we set the date. Because to me that is what Cupid would have wanted.

My parents walked me down the aisle while his dad played trumpet to our song. His mom opened the service with a reading and all of our siblings played a part in one way or another. We shared brunch together all under a canopy of tulle, candles and pine branches. And that is the start to our happily ever after!