As a Winter Bride myself I can tell you this: I think you are going to LOVE your winter wedding! But obviously the choice is up to you. Winter is one of the coziest and romantic seasons of the year to me. When Nathan and I were planning our wedding booking a date in February was a no brainer. That being said you have to be prepared for a whirlwind (or maybe I should say snowstorm) of possibilities that might not happen during warmer weather weddings. 

For starters lets talk about: the Weather.

Anything can happen during a winter wedding. On my wedding day it was -20 with 60 mph winds. But the sun was out so we snuck outside for a few of my favorite pictures ever! Also… my cousin got married on New Year’s Eve and my aunt prayed all year it would be warm that day… while the whole week before it snowed the day of their wedding it was 60 degrees! What a twist! 

Weather may play a part in many areas of your day. The first one I would talk about because im me is… Pictures. While I have driven through a major snow to get to a shoot and photographed in -10 degrees. You do need to think ahead if that is something you’re up for? If its cold outside layering up with blankets for pictures is so cozy! Or maybe an indoor location would be good as a back up?

The weather could also affect your: Guests. Travel by roads or flights plans could change.

Perks of a winter wedding?

Snow! How romantic are those big white fluffy flakes falling slowly from the sky?

Also winter can drag on and get gloomy. What a better wy to brighten the season than with a big celebration! 

Schedules are more open for friends and family. Not to mention venues. Sometimes that means specials for choosing “off season”. 

Whatever seasonyou chose remember this: Regardless of what happens leading up to your wedding... at the end of the day you’ll be married!!!