Photographing a wedding is so much more than just holding a fancy camera to take pictures. It is capturing you and the heart of your day. To catch the dreams behind all your hard work planning I want to get to know you and become your friend not just an outsider with artistic opinions running around in the background. How do I do that? Well it all starts with questions. These are a few of my favorite questions that I ask every bride!

  • Where did you meet?

  • How long have you been together? 

  • What did you first love about each other? 

  • Where was your favorite dates? 

  • How did he pop the question?

  • Where will your wedding be?

  • Why did you chose your venue?

  • What are you most looking forwards to throughout your day.

  • What part of marriage are you most excited about?

  • How do you see yourself as an old married couple?

All of these questions help me get to know you better. By knowing you I can capture the things that are most important to you on your very special day!

If you’re getting married or have been married I want to get to know you too! How would you answer any or all of these questions?