So you want to book a Verdant Wedding (yay!!) but you don’t know what package is right for you? Well I’ve got you covered.

Each package is broken down by different hours so that we can customize it to your day. But you may not know how many hours you need or even want. 

All of the packages have a name based on different types of wedding sizes. While you might not be having any of these specific sized weddings, any of these packages could be the right fit for you depending on what pictures you want to take home from your wedding.

~ The Elopement: this package includes 2 hours of coverage. Typically 2 hours of coverage would cover your wedding ceremony and a few portraits of you and your spouse immediately following. 

~ The Morning Wedding: a traditional morning wedding would begin at 8 and go til around noon. So with that in mind this package is 4 hours of coverage. This service is best suited for a few getting ready pictures, your wedding ceremony, and portraits and family pictures following. There is also time for a few reception details if you’re having one immediately after the ceremony. 

~The Afternoon Wedding: Usually an afternoon wedding would start around 1 and go until 7. That is why this is a 6 hour package. This is the first package that includes 2 photographers. The reason you will want more than one photographer for this many hours is to capture all of the events that will be happening and get an amazing set of second angles. Another reason is an additional photographer will also play assistant and help to keep your day organized. This size of wedding usually has a few more guests and family members involved than the smaller weddings. With 6 hours of wedding coverage you have time for about an hour of getting ready detail pictures (with 2 photographers one would usually be with the girls and the other with the guys). Another hour is included for your ceremony. After that would usually be portraits. The larger your bridal party and family groupings the more hours you will need. Typically 2 and sometimes 3 hours needed for all these photos. (These portraits can also be split between before ceremony and after the ceremony depending on what time it is, if you’re want to see each other before the wedding, and how many of your family members or wedding are in your pictures. Then at the reception you will then have an hour or two depending on how many portraits you want). This will usually cover the formal events (cake, first dance, bouquet etc…) if you have them scheduled earlier on in your night.

~The All Day Affair: This package has 8 total! Now why would you need 8 hours when you could have everything covered for 6? This will depend on a few things. How long your want to take on portraits? How much driving is involved in your day? Do you want to go more than one place to take your portraits? Are your ceremony and reception in different towns? Would you like more of your reception covered because your special events are spread out throughout the evening? These would be very good reasons to have the extra time.

~The Icing on the Cake: this is the biggest package I offer at this time! This fancy package includes 8 hours of wedding day coverage (for all the reasons mentioned before). 2 photographers on your wedding day. 1 hour engagement session before your wedding. And $150 of print or album credit!

What more could you ask for? This package has everything you might need in wedding photography covered all in one easy package! 

If you are still looking for additional hours or more photographers for your day all of those can be added a la carte at a later time. Just ask!

While you’re shopping for the perfect Photography package for your wedding day I hope this helps guide you to what will fit your wedding day perfectly!

Happy Wedding Planning girl! You got this!