You’ve said yes to me: the Verdant Photographer! Hurray! I couldn’t be happier to be a part of your day! In case you're wondering whether or not you book your photographer and don't see her until your wedding... rest assured that is not the case! During the time leading up to your wedding we will be in contact in several different ways so that I can capture the heart of you and your wedding day. From how you met your person to why you chose your wedding venue I want to know it all. Because each of those details are the building blocks that put together make your perfect day. 

  1. Before you even book me I highly suggest that we have a coffee date to be sure I am the right photographer to capture your day. (And I hope I am!)
  2. To save your date I have a contract that you will sign (either in person or online) and place 25% deposit on your package
  3. Next either in person, on the phone, or by email (based on how close you are during the planning time) we will chit chat over the heart of your day. Colors, venue, dress, details, cake, flowers etc. ever last detail you are excited about I am ecstatic to capture!
  4. Month by month I will briefly check in to see how things are going and if there is anything I can help with.
  5. Depending on how we set up your payment plan (either in full, quarterly, monthly ect...) my invoicing service will send you reminders for payment.
  6. As we get closer to your wedding date and all the final details are starting to fall into place we will set up a timeline. When you book your wedding there will be a general idea based on when your ceremony is and how many hours you've booked. Once we are closer we will be able fine tune the timeline once we know when all your vendors will be ready and what time your family is arriving.
  7. If you're interested I'm always happy to walk through the venue with you. This is also a great time to finalize your last details.
  8. A couple weeks before you big day I will check back in and confirm all of our finalized details are correct. At that time I will create an official timeline for you and your family that can be set as the lock screen on your phone that day so everyone is on the same page. 
  9. ITS WEDDING DAY! All of your hard work is playing out lets PARTY!
  10. Within 48 hours I will share a mini sneak peek with a couple of my favorite portraits of your day.
  11. Later that week I will share a longer sneak peek so that you and your family can relive your amazing day!
  12. About 4 weeks later I will deliver your personalized web gallery. ENJOY!
  13. After you've had a few weeks to admire and share your pictures I will check in to see how else I can help you. Need to order big prints or an album? I would love to assist! Lets get together and get your pictures ordered!
  14. A couple weeks after you place your ordere I will be so excited to give you your pictures! *happydance
  15. Then a few short months later: Happy Anniversary! I'll be resharing my favorite highlights of your day! If you've learned anything you'd like to pass on to new Verdant Couples lets share the love and wisdom together!

If we weren't before... I hope we will be best friends by the time your wedding experience comes to a happily ever after ending! And most of all I hope you LOVELOVELOVE your pictures!