Are you ready to book a session but you don't know where? Well you're not alone! Because one of the questions Im asked most is: Where should we take our Pictures?

Well there are a few different factors to consider to fin the perfect answer for you. One of the first things to consider before taking pictures is: What is the purpose behind this session? Will you be creating a gallery wall for your home? Sending out a holiday card? Making an album? Giving as a gift? Once you know the purpose behind your pictures we can better determine where to take them.

If want to create wall art from your pictures for your living room lets find a location that will compliment the way your home is decorated. Do you decorate with earthy tones then pictures in the forest would be a better fit than going to a beach. Or if you have a minimalistic styled home you might prefer an in home session or even the studio where the backgrounds will be simpler and consistent to your style. Maybe you're looking to create an accent wall in your house so going downtown and looking for brightly colored store fronts or alleyways would be the best option.

The home is a wonderful place to display your family's artwork! But there are many other amazing ways to show off your people! Will your pictures be going on your annual holiday card? Then maybe a Christmas themed mini session would be the best fit for you? Or sitting under your family Christmas tree with ornaments collected over the years.

When you hear the word: album... do you think of a wedding? Because for the longest time that is the only reason I knew of to make one. In recent years I have come across and LOVE the idea of making one for a few different reasons. ~Yearly memory book

You don't have to have sessions throughout the whole year. It could be one session with stories written inside of all the highlights.

~Guest book

A personalized guest book for your wedding with pictures from your engagmet session.

~Birthday book

What a fun way to remember all the little things your little loves. Bring together all of your favorite things for a super fun memory. From your favorite park to ice cream parlor! What a treat to look back on in years to come!

So here are a few tips to get the creative juices started! When its time to book your session I cant wait to get together with you and craft the perfect session!

Happy Picture Planning!