When it comes time to book your session one of the most important things to consider is: What to wear? I want to break this answer downing a couple different blogs to address it more specifically.

When considering what to wear lets first talk about color schemes! You can go as simple as 1 main color to a whole rainbow of color and a myriad of shades.

To find what color scheme is best for you lets first consider: Who will be in the pictures? When the pictures will be taken (spring, summer, fall or winter). Then the Why for your shoot. Is this an extended family session? A engagement session? Maybe a branding for your new business? Then lets consider Where. Are we going to the beach? In the studio? Your home? Then lets consider What we will be doing with your pictures. A card? On your wall? A memory book?

The more individuals you add to a session the more you need to fine tune your color scheme. For an extended family either one color of shirts and style of pants might be the best choice for your family and then stylized to each members personality. On the flip side if your family finds a color scheme they love and enjoy styling outfits you could rock a broader color scheme! Holiday pics? Maybe some traditional colors would be fun? Summer photos? What about brighter colors?

The first thing I would suggest when choosing what the right color scheme for you would be to let the matriarch pick. If that is mom, mother in law, finance, girl boss etc... find something they love, look good in, and feel confident wearing.

All this and more are things we will discuss more in depth at your pre-interview where I help you personalize your entire session! But for starters here are a few ideas of my favorite color schemes to get your creative juices flowing!

p.s. Thank you to my friends at Grot Imaging Studio for designing this color guide for me!