If you haven't yet noticed... recently our family has been blessed with the opportunity to buy and remodel a home!

As exciting as this has been it’s been a little leap of faith that happened really fast. This has caused life to easily get overwhelming at times. On top of the house Verdant had grown a lot since the beginning of the year taking on enough beautiful brides who’s wedding days will completely cover our first year's mortgage! (I don’t usually talk about my income here but the timing and blessing of it all is too good not to share!)

While the undertaking of both these things at once has been good they have been also seemed like they require more than I have the ability to take care of some days. Between all of the paperwork, emails, phone calls and regular life as a family with toddlers happening. On the days when it’s been most difficult what calms me down and helps me work through is to remember my WHY.

My WHY is now constantly growing and evolving as my family is. I used to think the idea of my why and purpose needed to be a big never changing extravagant life goal. It is so inspiring for me to see people digging wells for communities and building orphanages. While that is still I realized I needed to start with a smaller and still growing WHY. Maybe someday, todays growing WHYs and baby steps will lead to those dream WHYs. But today my WHY starts in my home. Taking care of my little family. Also building a career that helps others preserve their priceless memories, in a way that allows me not to miss out on the ones my kiddos are making every single day.

A few years ago my why started just taking care of my little house on my own and finding out who I wanted to be when I grew up. A few years later my husband joined that why. As we grew in marriage we dreamed of having a family. At each of these stages of growth past whys faded while new ones took their place. Now our growing family is settling into a new house. But in a few years all of these whys may and probably should change again. 

Each of these stages prepared me for the one I’m at now. My place today is again preparing me for the next one. 

What is your why mommie? Is it preparing your body to some day carry a new little life? Is it creating a peaceful home for your family? Is it planning fun summer adventures for your kiddos? Maybe a healthy well rounded diet for your growing littles? Is it making financial freedom for your household by taking on an extra shift. Whatever your WHY it is important and will have lasting legacy for your family.

If you’re facing a day of overwhelm I hear ya. The best reminder I can give you today is remember your WHY no matter how big or little it may seem right now. When you’re focused on what matters the stress leading there will fade.