Congratulations! You’re engaged! Here comes the fun part: Planning your wedding! From picking out your dress, choosing the perfect color scheme, finding the venue, flowers etc... on and on the list goes! As exciting as this process is I understand all the details can start to add up. While I can’t help plan your whole wedding hopefully I can take some of the pressure off what you need to know in choosing your photographer.

Pictures are the one thing you get to take away from your wedding day (besides your spouse ;). Yes I am a photographer and I’m sure you’re assuming this is something I “have to say” but it is also something I am told time and time again by all my brides. 

Things to consider…

Budget: every wedding has a budget. It covers anything from you dress to food. The general rule is to spend on average 20% of your budget on photography. There are also some of my couples have chosen to spend more of their budget on photography understanding that is what’s most important for their family. And other couples chose less because of everything their budget needs to cover. Figure out what will make the most sense in the long run for you and your future family. 

Style: s your wedding theme dark and romantic? Or is it bright and cheerful? When looking for a photographer whose pictures compliment your style. This will help blend your day together seamlessly and be the perfect way to remember you day.

Personality: Find a photographer who has a good personality for you. Either one that is similar to yours our compliments yours. Someone who helps you in areas you lack. That could be someone who helps you have fun throughout the busy or someone who can stay organized while planning your day. I’ve heard many sad stories from friends or wedding guests that tell me their day was interrupted by a vendor with a an attitude that did not compliment them. 

What Do You Want: Will you need hours of coverage on your wedding? Or is it a short intimate ceremony? When your wedding day is over what will be the best use of pictures for you? A copyright release so you can make multiple prints for scrapbooking? Large prints for the wall? Or gifts for loved ones? Maybe an album?

-Could I be the photographer for you? 

 My personality is all about bringing and capturing joy in your day. With pictures that are bright and true to life. Rain or shine I want to capture the smiles, giggles and happy tears from your day. All the details you spend months creating I want to capture that. Whether your day is long or short I will be there to hold your hand in the planning process, wedding day and even after with ease. My budget runs anywhere from $500+ for a 2 hour elopement to $2,000+ for multiple photographers on a full day. Afterwards you will be presented a personalized web gallery to review and download your digital files. And if you would like me to make large prints or an album I am always here to help you! 

If I’m not the right fit for you and your wedding day that is ok too! My primary goal is to be helpful. If I can help you find a better fit I am absolutely happy to do so!