What a crazy year for planning a wedding! This year started with the planning process and such excitement for what was to come. Then almost all those good ideas were either put on hold or rearrange them to be more pandemic appropriate. Let me tell you this: my 2020 brides have all taken on this year like champs! From rescheduling, downsizing to a ceremony of 10, backyards, moving venues 3 times, even remodeling the family barn to hold a ceremony this year has been beyond beautiful! To top it all off the excitement has not died in fact I think it has grown. And most importantly the memories made are even more special with all the work put into making them.

One of the gifts of 2020 is realizing how important our loved ones are. While we always appreciated our family and friends I think this year has been a good reminder to not let even the simplest moments pass by un-noticed. From creating special moments with grandparents or using unique wedding pieces passed down through generations this year is definitely one for the books! 

Thank you to all of the families who welcomed me into these very important moments! Y'all are rockstars in my book! And I cant wait to see what your future holds. Because Im pretty sure you can handle anything after wedding planning in 2020! <3