Very early on in our marriage we learned things never go as planned. From our proposal happening in a different town than planned. To our wedding day when it was -60 so we had to rearrange from an outdoor to an indoor ceremony. On our original honeymoon we got snowed in then ended up rearranging the rest of our travel plans. So later in the year we planned a second vacation with good friends who were also newly married. The destination: London England! One of my fondest childhood dreams was about to come true. While our stay there was filled with amazing stories (even seeing the queen fly away in her helicopter!) the rest of that story is for another day. 

Today’s story is about the getting there. A few years before this trip I’d traveled out of the country so I already had my passport. But being newly married with a different last name it was time for me to get a new one. Like usual I procrastinated and went in a little to close to the cut off for getting it back before we left. I ended up having to expedite it and within a few weeks it arrived! Woohoo crisis averted!

My husband on the other hand had never had a passport before so he went to get his with plenty of time to spare. But that’s not what happened. We waited and waited and waited. Finally the week of our trip arrived and still no passport! He checked the status online. Waited on hold for countless hours. Only to find out all the regularly required information on him wasn’t enough to make his passport. So we scrambled around that week scanning and emailing cards to prove he had existed for more than 5 years. (No joke!) Even phoned a friend of a friend who works with the government to see if they had any expert advice. Their advice: Pray to all known gods! Finally we got through to someone who understood our situation and made him a passport. It was overnighted us and arrived on our doorstep exactly 1 hour before we left for the airport! We had a good long laugh of relief. And enjoyed our trip! 

The moral of this story isn’t to plan ahead, or wait til the last minute and probably don’t pray to all known gods. But instead to go with the punches and learn to laugh about them. Life has never gone according to plans for us but we had enjoyed some very good laughs along the way. There is no one else I’d rather go on this adventure with than my guy.