Recently ive been hearing an idea that has resurfaced from my childhood: A reverse bucket list.

Growing up my family would sit down on New Years day and write out some of our favorite memories from the year. Simple things like loosing a tooth in Walmart to visiting Mendota Hills Campground for the first time. Things that had little effect on our future but brought us joy in the moment to things we had no idea would last for years to come. We wrote down things like meeting the Green family (little did I know at the time their son Nathan would be my future husband)! We would wrap it up by wring down hopes for the new year.

As an adult this is a ritual I haven't kept very well. But over the last few weeks the idea has resurfaced. From influencers in my life both old and new… so I decided to give it a try again!

For starters: 

-We got to meet Lucy! And she has become such a bright spot to all of our lives! We have watched her go from a very sleepy newborn to growing 4 teeth and sitting up on her own!

-Arthur turned 2! As a two year old his vocabulary has grown and grown. He didn’t just learn little words but 5 or 6 sylabil dinosaur names (some that I cant even pronounce!)

-Nathan and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! With heart shaped donuts and a carousel ride one day! Then our first experience with a couples massage! (5 years! How has the time gone so fast!?)

-I started running again! Something I didn’t think was in my future... Thank you to my husbands inspiring example I gave it a try again. And surprisingly I am loving it more than I did before! (It has also helped me loose 3/4 of my pregnancy weight! So woohoo!)

Verdant reached its goals for the year. Knowing I was expecting a baby my vision going into 2020 was not big. Just one more wedding from last year. And I made it! (Fun side note: I had forgotten this was my goal until reading over a journal entry from last year. While I just felt like I was along for the ride this year looking back I see the year was right on track! Im more thankful than ever for keeping track of these things!)

I know we’ve all heard a time or two that 2020 was a crazy year for many reasons. While the hard and the difficult moments may stick out the most to us I think there are also a lot of good things hiding that we need to not forget. This may be a highlight real but this is how im choosing to look back on 2020. Thank you to everyone who helped make this an incredible year!