To be honest im trying to keep my cool during this confusing time. But I’m human. There have been days where its been hard to have my brain keep up with all the changes going on around me. I know its not just me going through this. We are all trying to find the healthiest way to get our families and businesses through this time.

One of the key things I keep hearing in books and podcasts on dealing with both new and difficult situations is finding a routine. I may not be perfect every day but have a few goals each day is definitely giving me more fuel instead of fear.

Here are a few of the ways I'm trying to live a more fulfilling lifestlyle during quarantine:

  • Practicing Gratitude: For me I do this is by journaling for 5 - 10 minutes a day.
  • Breathing Exercises: The breathing exercise I work on is like a triangle. Breath in 3 seconds. Hold for 3 seconds. Then Exhale for 3 seconds. When I got comfortable with this I started repeating a calming mantra like: "I have inner peace." Or you could use a Bible Verse too.
  • Doing Something for others not just thinking about myself: This one is harder than usual since we can't get out as much. But something simple like a text to a friend can go a long way!
  • Find something to laugh about: The hubs and I have been sharing all sorts of memes this week! The more the merrier I say!
  • Take a drink: Something as simple as a glass of water, a cup of tea, or an 'adult beverage' can be hugely beneficial for calming your nerves.
  • Working out: Cardio all day ever day guys! Its easy to just sit while staying inside but going on a walk outside is still an option! Or finding a work out on Youtube is great for clearing the mind!
  • Search for Sunlight: Vitamin D is key! It is a natural energy booster guys!
  • Learning: Instead of just waiting this time alone to pass... What about learning something new or finding out more about one of your favorite subjects? This could be as simple as 5 minutes a day reading a book, using an app, or listening to a podcast! The possibilities are endless and many options are free too!

So this is what im doing to stay sane. One top of this list ive tried to add it to a schedule for my days. Since there is an opinionated 2 year old running around here I cant exactly stick to a minute by minute schedule but morning and afternoon goals have been great!

What about you? What does quarantine look like for you?

***(Disclaimer! I am technically not "Quarantined" but "quarantine routine' sounds cuter than sheltering to me ;)