On a whim I shared one of my New Years goals recently. It was a goal to be in front of the camera more often and not just behind it. This resonated with my mom friends immediately! 

My simple prompt brought me stories of moms not being pictures from holidays to birthdays and anything in between. The reasons were: they were the ones behind the camera to not looking or feeling the part. 

This started an idea for me. What about a challenge to change that? And encourage each other in the process? 

Because whatever the reason in the past for not I can assure you that I’m the future your kids won’t care. Whether you’re like me and always have spit up in your shirt or haven’t worn make up in months… 10 years that’s not what’s going to matter. When your kids look back to remember you in this season it’s not the perfect hairstyle or the insta worthy outfit they want to see. I’m pretty sure it’s your smile that reassured them they could do whatever they put their mind to. The wrinkles in the corner of your eyes from laughing to hard with them. And the pony tail you put your hair in every time you are about to get work done. 

Do you remember all the times you told your baby they are perfect just the way they are? Im pretty sure it was not because of the things they did or know but just for being. Well I’m pretty sure your kids feel the same way about you. You are their hero. One of the first people they see in the morning and the last they see at night. So don’t be afraid to capture that. Remember these days. Birthday, holidays and all the days in between. 

This is why I am starting mommy and me Monday. The first Monday of every month I am going to start sharing a picture of me and my kids. Nothing fancy. Probably just cel phone snaps. Sometimes old and sometimes new. Would you do the same? Lets encourage each other to capture those perfectly imperfect moments!