Happy Monday mommie! This is our second Mommie and Me Monday celebrating the bond we are each growing with our littles (or not so littles ;). I am thrilled to have you join! Whether you are reading this or joining in on the photo fun welcome! Our theme this month is:

Finding Joy

 Recently I was reminded of the idea: Not every day is perfect. But there is something perfect in every day. We just have to look for it. 

 At this stage of my motherhood journey I have a very busy, loud toddler and a teething baby who has recently learned how to crawl all over the house. They bring me so much joy! But there are some days when I’ve been up all night with a sad little lady and big brother won’t stop yelling his conversations while he finds random things to dump on the floor. While I wish I could pride myself in patience every day of the week... Sometimes this is just to much for my tired nerves. 

 This might make me sound like a baby mom to anyone who has more than just 2 or is now working their way through the teen age years. But what it’s teaching me is something I think we can all learn from.

Look for Joy!

Because I know you will find it. A fun way to practice this is spend 30 seconds looking around the room for anything the color red. How many things did you find? Now without looking around the room again do you remember how many things were yellow? More likely than not there were quite a few things that were yellow you just didn’t recognize them at the time because you were looking for red. Same goes with our day to day. If I spend my day looking for the things that will frustrate me I will find more than enough of them. So I’m choosing to look for Joy! 

Today lets share a picture of something you do every day that brings you Joy!