A wise man once said: “Having kids is like falling in love all over again.” That wise man was my big brother.

When he told me that right before having my first little I had no idea how true it would end up being. Sure I was excited to meet the lil fella. Sure we’d waited, hoped and prayed for the day he would be in our arms. Then in an instant life was never the same. Everything was better.

Being a mom has been more amazing and required more growth than I even thought possible. We have had are ups and our downs. But even on the hardest of days my cuties do something so funny I can't help forget all the drama they just put me through. From morning cuddles, to clever sayings, being helpful (even if its actually more work for me in the long run ;). No matter what the day brings I wouldn't trade those sweet faces for the world!

To celebrate the bond we each have with our special little people (even if some of them aren't that little anymore ;) I'm starting Mommie & Me Monday. The first monday of every month we will each share a picture with our kiddos because I for one know it is easy for moms to get caught up in raising our littles and forget to slow down to be a part of their memories.

Today on our first: Mommie & Me Monday lets share the first picture you have with your little one. Then a sentence or two surrounding the memory where you found yourself: Falling in Love All Over Again.

This is me the day after having Arthur. We had a crazy week bringing him out into the world but in this moment I was so focused on him I could barely remember it all. His perfect little scrunched up face brought me so much joy. In that moment I had no idea how he would make me laugh harder than anyone I know. And help me grow the best biceps I ever had from lifting all his baby rolls. There in that hospital room I knew a little piece of my life's puzzle was put into place because being his mom is one of the best gift I have ever been given!

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