We all have this picture perfect idea in our minds of what a wedding day will look like and how it should go down. From the dress to the flowers, hair and make up, cake and fancy dishes. Loving all of those pretties from the time I was a little girl is what made me choose wedding photography as part of my career. But while sometimes those best laid plans may show up perfect in pictures... along the way there may be some hiccups here and there. If you chose to look at them with humor, they can add a whole lot of joy to your wedding day!

Let me start with one of my funniest moments in my wedding photography history . It was one of my first weddings I photographed and I was helping a fellow photographer at the time. While he was down stairs taking pictures of the guys getting ready I went up stairs to get some of the girls. 

(A little back story here. If you haven’t known me long you may not know that I grew up with a very conservative background. Which is what made this next section just a little more shocking or me than most. )

I went to the girls room. Knocked to see if it was ok to come in. So when they replied yes I headed on in. There to the shock of my poor little sheltered eyes was the mother of the bride sitting at the door to welcome me… completely naked! Not one ounce of clothing on her. To make things more dramatic. She wasn’t a younger fit mom. Nope! There were so many layers of nudity I can’t begin to tell you. My poor sheltered eyes. ;)

To be fair to her (because she was nice enough once she had some clothes on haha) she said: "We were all girls and it was fine". And looking back... I was heading into a women’s dressing room so what was I really expecting? 

About a decade later… its one of those stories I’ve grown to love telling. It threw me off for a hot minute. But when you can learn to laugh at yourself when life doesn’t go quite according to our plans it gets so much more enjoyable!