Is winter getting to you already? The snow is pretty but the cold and staying indoors all day is killing this girl who loves to spend all day outside. Since we are all stuck inside for a couple more months I’ve put together a little list of my ideas on how to make it homier until we can enjoy the fresh air again.

My top 5 go to's:

  • Candles: In our house we light candles. All day everyday. Not necessarily to see by, but yummy smelling candles to wake the senses up.
  • Warm drinks: My family loves coffee. There is nothing like waking up on a chilly morning and perking up with a warm drink. In the afternoons my drink switches over to tea and I keep a wide variety of flavor options to keep it fun. 
  • Winter Decorations: Does your house feel a little empty when you take down your Christmas decorations? I know mine does. To fix this I try to either decorate for Christmas with a few universal winter decorations that can stay up til the next holiday like extra lights, snowflakes or snowmen, blankets…etc
  • Soup: If you’re anything like me winter starts to drag on a little and working from home makes the days seem like they run together a little. Finding something new even if its little always keeps things exciting. What im finding this year is recipes. So we have had lots of soup. Who doesn’t love to end a cold dreary day with a warm dinner? 
  • Music: Do you have a winter playlist? To keep the house from getting to quiet and lonely feeling I like to play music in the background. Have you tried making a playlist of happy tunes for kitchen dancing? Or a quiet one to play in the background to read by while snow falls?

Here are just a few of my favorite winter things. Do you have one? I'd love to hear how you're staying cozy this winter!