Little Miss Lucy has been with us 6 months already! I can hardly believe how fast this time has gone. We spent months waiting and praying to meet her, then there were the first few days after her arrival getting to know her, but I can tell you none of this prepared us for what a special person she has become to us all.

She has a smile that brightens up anyones day and the funniest serious faces ive ever seen in a baby.While she can’t form words yet she already knows how to communicate and will out babble almost everyone we meet.

As a 6 month old she proudly sits up one her own. Grew 2 front teeth for Christmas (which has now turned into 6!). Has been rolling around like a crazy lady since she was 2 weeks old. Loves to try all of the grown up foods she can get her drooly fists on.

I’m not sure if its possible but she already has a love for fashion. Whether its an approving grin over the bows we pick out or showing off how flowy her baby skirts are she brings an extra level of joy to picking out clothes every day! We love sharing music time as a family! From baby drums, guitar or helping me as I practice church music is one of our daily highlights! She might not be standing on her own yet doing the baby knee lock to stand while holding onto something is her favorite. 

Being a mom of two is daily teaching me value of slowing down and just being present with my babies. While the first few weeks after Lucy’s birth were some of the busiest in my life and even career they were also some of my most present timess. I know there is so much more I can learn in regaurds to not rushing through my day these last few months have been a very treasured gift. If there is any lesson I can share with you it is this: be present. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Appreciate the perfection of each moment because you will only get it once. 

Happy Half Birthday Lucy! Thank you for the little light that you are to so many already!