Happy birthday to my guy Nathan! This kind hearted, funny guy makes life so amazing! I’ve had the joy of knowing him over half my life and we’ve now spent nearly a quarter of our lives together building our own family! 

He is the saint who washes dishes in our house. Ever since I was a little girl I could not stand washing dishes. Washing them would actually make me gag. When I met Nathan as a very young impressionable girl and he was the dish washer in our friend group... well that might have been the first time I realized we could be a match made in heaven! (That’s mostly a joke but it is the start of my deep rooted respect for him.) Thankfully we both grew up and i realized he offers so much more to the world than just dish washing. Washing dishes was his way of quietly serving our friends and to this day that is his outlook on life. 

He is also a performing violinist (even gave my sister lessons for years). Was a worship leader (started by playing music in his church music when he was 5), youth group leader and fill in pastor as needed. Ran a marathon after he saw some crazy girl run one the year before (that was me ;). Lover of Batman. Avid reader (and by avid I mean he read over 1,000 books in one year!) Pizza connoisseur. Prankster. Funcle (fun-uncle). A kind and generous dad even when its been a long day and he is tired! And the most incredible husband day in and day out. He doesn’t live life out of what he can get but what he can give back. And he gives back not just on the days that are easy but the hard ones as well. This humble man inspires me every single day! Thank you for being born today N!