As a photographer the best gift you can give your clients: A Joy Filled Session! From start to finish. Be cheerful when you first meet. Excited to photograph them. Compliment as your shoot. Give a service to remember answering all their questions along the way. Then deliver beautiful photos!

  1. Before you start your session: Pause. Make sure you are in the right head space and not distracted during your shoot. Leave behind anything that happened in your day so that you can focus all your attention on highlighting your client.
  2. Compliment. Compliment. Compliment. Compliment. Let them leave that day feeling beautiful! Because there has been a lot of time and effort preparing. That’s deserves to be recognized and praised. Also remember these photos will end up on their walls and you want them to look at these photos for years to come remember how special this time in life was!
  3. Your model is always right. If you give instructions that are misunderstood. Just re-direct to your original idea. Telling your client they are wrong in front of the camera changes the entire mood. So make changes positively and let them feel empowered. 
  4. Make the day so fun they forget anything that may have happened before because they are enjoying every second of their session. 
  5. After your session is over remind them of what a great time you had together from sharing a sneak peek, to giving them their images! Let this become one of their favorite memories!