They say: 'Be careful what you wish for.' Well its probably the PK (pastors kid) in me that has me changing it today to: 'Be careful what you Pray for".

At the beginning of last year I had a goal to work on my mindset surrounding: Abundance. For some time I'd been viewing the world with the idea that there wasn’t enough. Because of that it was effecting the way I lived my every day life. I wasn’t sure how the change would happen I just knew it needed to. So I started by trying to recognize little things like realizing the mail isn’t always filled with bills. Or noticing that I actually saved money on something instead of overspending. Even taking the time to be excited ever single time I booked a gig for work (something I should have been doing the whole time ;).

Now deep down the reason for this change was actually a hope that once I figured it out garbage bags filled with money would rain down on my doorstep. Then I could use them to start an orphanage in Africa. A bit of a stretch I know. But it came with good intentions so what wrong with that? Well nothing really. It’s just a little unrealistic.

During the middle of the year Lucy joined our family so all of my efforts went towards her and my own recovery. Not this goal on finding abundance. Then a few weeks ago I started realizing the abundance never stopped I just paused my looking for it. The reason I noticed was the fact that I was actually getting overwhelmed with the amount of baby clothes delivered to us. Lucy's, Arthu'rs and my closet are all overflowing right now! Then fun things like having over 100 more people than planned involved in my moms birthday parade! More pallets of grapes sent home from work than I can count. To wrap the year up 5 dozen roses! Not knowing where to put them in my house I pulled every last one of my vases in the house and made deliveries to my mom, and aunts that lived close. Little did I know that just a couple days later those 5 dozen roses would be replaced 5 buckets of more flowers! So the kiddos and I hit the road again to share with my grandma, sisters, besties, clients and colleagues just in time for Thanksgiving.

So I say be careful what you pray for because obviously God is listening. Just maybe with a sense of humor. What I missed when learning about abundance is the idea that it’s more about what you get to give than what you will ever receive. And once you start it’s contagious. While I still have a lot to learn (and still wouldn’t mind if it started raining enough money to do cool big things...) today I’m grateful for this little area I’ve had the chance to grow.