Its hard to believe our little buddy is 3! Whoever said: "Time flies when you’re having fun" is true because these last years of parenting have flown by! 

He is a lover of baby sharks and has shared that love with his favorite little person Lucy! Learning about dinosaurs with him has been so exciting! Hearing a little 2 year old voice learn how to say brachiosaurus and triceratops is the best!

A regular day in the life of Arthur starts with the words: ‘Can mom get the baby? Once we are all up he loves a cup of juice, a graham cracker and snuggles under his favorite shark blanket because he likes to be warm. 

After that we get up and he helps clean the house. His favorite chores to do are: taking out the garbage and mopping the floors. During our day we’ve been working on letters. While he can recognize most of them by site we are still working on the sounds of them. One of our little lessons started by saying: ‘This is letter A. A goes a-a-a Apple!’ So he replied: Is this A for b-b-b Josh?’ Don’t worry buddy! We still have plenty of time to get it straight! In our afternoons he loves to play piano accompaniments with me as I practice for church. Then we throw all of our sharks in the tub for a bath before naps. (If mom is lucky she takes one too!) When dad gets off he usually squeezes in a work out before dinner and Arthur loves helping him. Doing chin ups with him or “helping” him do push ups by jumping on and going for a ride are his favorites. When it comes to dinner time he loves is either “Chicken Fries” or Pizza (don't we all ;). And if were up to him we would finish the every day Sponge Bob before bed. 

The last 3 years have been filled with a whole new level of joy I didn't think was possible! Thank you Arthur for all the smiles you share with your world! Happy Birthday pal! We love you!