We all have dreams that our photo sessions will be magical, filed with the perfect grins and giggles right? As a photographer its the best gift I could give to you . Since becoming a mom its always my hope when the camera is out with my littles too! Well let me fill you in on a little behind the scenes of great smiles! 

Great smiles are a group effort! Will you be my teammate?

The next step for getting great smiles would be in setting the mood. Whatever mood I set for the day kids will soak up. Lets keep things light and fun! 

Let’s play! Instead of turning photos into a serious occasion lets make a game of it! 

Do you have a favorite song? Then lets make a playlist featuring it! Or play it on repeat because its worth it for pictures to set the right mood. 

What about Jokes? I love them! And come from a family who is full of corny ones. Do you or your crew laugh at them? Is there an inside one? Maybe a favorite? Or is there a genre that will keep you smiling? In my house we like to joke about who gets the next diaper “duty”.

Don’t be afraid of bribery. Snacks. A treat after. Or some kind of prize. Trust me. Its worth it for the pictures! 

There you go! My top 5 tips for great smiles! Do you have a great idea for easy grins and giggles! Send them my way! The more smiles the merrier!