Christmas shopping is upon us! Are you or a loved one planning to buy a camera as a gift? Here are my top 5 tips for picking out the perfect camera for yourself or to give!

  1. Set a budget. Advancing technology creates great cameras for even $100 or anywhere up to $10,000! 
  2. Know the purpose of the camera. Is it for fun? Or starting to go pro? Or even for professional use?
  3. Know what your budget offers. $100–$300 cameras will offer you great options for “point and shoot” cameras. A point and shoot camera is awesome for capturing family memories to be used for scrapbooking. You don’t need a ton of camera knowledge either because most of the settings are automatic. A semi pro camera usually runs between $400-$1,000. This kind of camera is where you will either need or need to learn more about how your camera works and possibly editing software. They also offer the option to buy additional lenses which is a great asset as you learn more you about photography. Then there are pro cameras that usually run anywhere from $1,000 on up.
  4. Are you willing to buy used? While this option might not work for usual gifts but when you're considering electronics you can often get more bang for your buck going this route.
  5. There is no right brand. Every photographer has a preference and it’s usually whatever brand they start with. For me it’s Canon. Other top brands right now are: Nikon, Sony and Fuji.
  6. (Bonus!) Regardless of what you chose I know you’re going to make your loved ones holiday!